Add Storage and Style With Shower Remodels in Sarasota

Sarasota Shower Remodels Add Instant Style!

Shower remodels for Sarasota homes are an excellent choice for updating a space quickly and affordably. New shower tile, built-in shelving, and spa seating all create a luxurious, functional space you’ll love using every day!

A new shower installation also provides added convenience for your family and can even increase property values. Having a second or third shower in the home means less stress and hassle on busy mornings and more privacy for overnight guests.

If you’re considering a shower update or new installation for your home, call the renovation pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design. We can schedule a FREE design consultation and price quote, and even help you choose the best materials for your space. To get started, just give us a call!

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A walk-in shower remodel in Sarasota.
An updated walk-in shower in a Sarasota home.

What Is a Shower Remodel for a Sarasota Home?

A Sarasota shower remodel might mean just reworking the existing shower space, with updated tile, a new shower door, built-in shelving and seating, and other such features. A remodel can also mean replacing a tub with a walk-in shower, for increased space. A walk-in shower means improved safety for wheelchair users and those with balance issues, arthritis, or similar health concerns.

Full-scale remodels might include a shower replacement, pulling out the existing tub, tile fixtures, and other features, and then replacing them with updated pieces. A remodel can also mean adding a shower installation in spaces without tubs or showers, for increased convenience in your home!

To find out more about bathroom renovations and remodels, give us a call. Our team can answer all your questions and schedule a FREE design consultation, and then get started on the renovation work you need to have done in your home.

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Shower Remodels in Sarasota Are More Affordable Than You Realize!

A shower remodel for a Sarasota home doesn’t need to break the bank! Many shower enclosures are available in kit form, eliminating the need to install a shower one tile at a time. Walk-in showers can also take the place of your current tub, for an easier and more affordable process.

New shower tile installation updates your home’s space for a fraction of the cost of full-scale renovation. Adding built-in shelving, spa seating, glass doors, and other details also means an entirely new style at an affordable price.

Here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design, we can also tailor-make a renovation plan to suit your home and your budget! If your bathroom needs a full-scale tear-out, a quick “facelift,” or anything in between, give our crew a call. We’ll start with a design consultation, to create a bathroom renovation plan that you’ll love for years to come.

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A shower installation from a kit in Sarasota.
Tools used for a shower installation in Sarasota.

You Deserve a Shower Installation in Sarasota, So Call Today!

You’ve put off a shower installation in Sarasota long enough! An updated bathroom means less congestion in shared bathrooms and a relaxing spa-like atmosphere you’ll love for years to come. A shower and bathroom remodel also means additional storage, with built-in shelving and other options you need in the space.

A new shower installation is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to age in their own home, allowing added room for comfortable seating while eliminating clumsy tub walls. Glass doors and customized shower sizing and design also open up even the smallest of bathroom spaces.

There’s no need to keep putting off the new shower space you and your family deserve. Call us here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design to arrange your FREE design consultation and price quote, and to get started on the remodeling plans you deserve in your home’s bath!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Our bathroom remodeling in Sarasota was about a decade overdue. Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design went way beyond our expectations and created a space the whole family battles over now! Quick, affordable, friendly service. You can't go wrong with this crew.
- L. Evans

Call Today for Stunning Bathroom Remodeling in Sarasota

A bathroom renovation is an excellent investment for any home, adding accessible storage while updating the space instantly. Whatever your needs for a bathroom or shower renovation, our bathroom remodeling company does it all!

Shower Installation

A new shower means added convenience for your family! Adding a shower to a half bath or lavatory or other space in the home can ease congestion during busy mornings and give overnight guests more privacy. Added showers can even increase property values in many cases!

Shower Replacement

If your home’s current shower is overly small or too rundown and dingy for a quick remodel, call us about a full-scale shower replacement option! A shower replacement not only updates a bathroom’s look, but new tile and grout can protect your house against water damage and resultant mold growth.

Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower opens up a small space, allowing added room for bathing. Walk-in showers also make it easier for arthritis sufferers and others to enjoy a safe bathing experience, without having to step over a cumbersome bathtub wall.

Shower Enclosures

For a quick, affordable option in your bathroom, call us about a shower enclosure! Enclosure kits are especially easy to install and fit virtually any budget, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes, sure to fit your needs.

Shower Tile Installation

New tile provides a gorgeous new look and durable surfaces. Tile is more complex to install than homeowners might realize, so leave this project to the renovation pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design.

Roll-In Showers

A roll-in shower eliminates the ledge around a shower space, for easier wheelchair and other walking aid access. If you or someone in the family is reaching a particular age, or is already managing arthritis, balance issues, and other such health concerns, call us about a roll-in shower option.

Call Today to Get Started With a Stunning, Stylish Bathroom Remodel in Sarasota!

Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design can take any bathroom from drab to fab, creating personalized storage and a beautiful appearance you’ll love at a price you can afford! Call us at (941) 213-5212
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