Your Home for an Upscale Bathroom Design in Sarasota

You Deserve a New Bathroom Design in Sarasota FL

It’s time for a new Sarasota bathroom design for your home! If your home’s current bathroom layout just doesn’t function, a full redesign is what you need. Modern bathroom ideas by the pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design offer all the luxury and function you need.

An updated design for your bathroom can rework the room’s entire footprint. Relocating fixtures opens up a space, making room for double sinks, an oversized vanity, or other spacious details. Your redesign might separate the tub and shower, so you can bring in a relaxing soaker tub. A walk-in shower also provides an area for built-in seating and storage, for a stylish yet functional space.

If you know it’s time for an updated bath but aren’t sure where to begin, call us today! Our team can help you choose a new bathroom tile design, shower and tub features, and more. We always work within a client’s budget and start every project with a FREE quote. To get started, use our simple contact form or just give us a call!

new bath design in sarasota fl
Separate vanities planned with a bathroom design.

Why Choose a Full Bathroom Design Service?

There are many reasons why you might choose a full-scale bathroom design service in Sarasota FL rather than a few updates. Call us if any of these apply to your home’s bathroom space:

  • A professional design can allow you to create a bathroom where there is none! Adding a new bathroom in your home means less congestion and crowding for everyone. Another bathroom can even increase the value of your property.
  • Your current bathroom might lack adequate storage, especially in shared spaces. A new design can make room for a linen closet or shelving, without creating a cramped and crowded space.
  • Expanding the bathroom’s footprint creates room for an oversized tub or other spa-like features. You might even move a washer and dryer into a bathroom, to avoid stairs every laundry day!
  • Some bathrooms are so outdated and downright ugly that a simple renovation just won’t do! Tearing out all fixtures for a new design guarantees you end up with a finished space you love.
  • Don’t risk clashing colors and other details in your bathroom space. A full-scale design ensures all fixtures and surfaces coordinate and complement each other perfectly.

To find out more about a bath redesign, call our trained technicians today. We’ll start with an interior design, bathroom plan, and everything else needed to create the space of your dreams.

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What Does a New Sarasota Bathroom Design Include?

You deserve a new bathroom design in a Sarasota home! Modern bathroom ideas include low-flow fixtures, to preserve resources and lower your utility costs. Temperature controls in the shower reduce the risk of scalding and allow you to set a precise warmth. Anti-fog mirrors and improved ventilation mean added comfort and convenience.

An updated design might also create space for a television, built-in speakers, and Bluetooth. Small bathroom remodel ideas always include adequate storage. Your new design can also create a spa-like experience in the bathroom! Enjoy an oversized soaking tub, multiple showerheads, heated floors, and more.

What are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to consider a new bath design for your home. For more information or to get started on the plans you need, call our crew today.

hiring a bathroom designer in sarasota
Tools used for a new bathroom design and installation.

The Name to Trust for an Updated Bathroom Design

Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design is the name to trust for your needed bathroom design. What makes us the best in the industry? One reason to trust your home to us is that we have 20 years of experience in home renovation! Our bathroom remodeling company offers a wide range of services, so we can build your new bathroom from the ground up.

We’ve enjoyed a long history of five-star reviews and dozens of referrals from past clients. We also stand behind our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee! Our team is happy to work with every client individually, to create a space you’ll love. Our projects are always stunning and stylish, and just what you deserve.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the bathroom of your dreams, give us a call today. We’ll schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience. Don’t put off the bathroom you deserve in your home! Call us right now to get started with your new bathroom plan and ideas.



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Our bathroom remodeling in Sarasota was about a decade overdue. Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design went way beyond our expectations and created a space the whole family battles over now! Quick, affordable, friendly service. You can't go wrong with this crew.
- L. Evans

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