All the Bathroom Remodeling in Sarasota You Need to Have Done

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Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design can take any bathroom space from drab to fabulous, at a very affordable price.

Bathroom remodeling for a Sarasota home is one of the best investments you can make for your property. A bathroom renovation adds style, storage, and an updated look you’ll love.

A tub to shower conversion means added safety in the bath, while a shower remodel provides a beautiful space perfect for any home. A new tub installation can replace an old, grungy bathtub, or convert a powder room into a full bath.

Whether your bathroom needs a full renovation or just a few updates, we do it all! Call the design team here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design for your FREE consultation and price quote today. You're guaranteed to love your new bathroom remodel in Sarasota!

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Plans for a bathroom remodel in Sarasota.

Our Extraordinary Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling Services

Why Choose Full Bathroom Remodeling in Sarasota

If a bathroom layout or footprint just doesn’t work for you, choose full bathroom remodeling for a Sarasota home. Full bathroom remodeling services can include tearing out all the flooring, fixtures and features, and other surfaces and materials, so you can redesign your bathroom from the ground up.

Bathroom remodeling allows our contractors to even relocate plumbing fixtures as needed, for better traffic flow and added storage. To find out more, call the pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design today.

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Plans for a full bathroom remodeling in Sarasota.
A bathroom renovation in Sarasota offers storage and style.

Sarasota Bathroom Renovations, for Storage and Style!

You might not need a full-scale remodel, but bathroom renovations for Sarasota homes can add storage and style! A renovation might update a dull and dingy shower surround, or install shelving and other storage options in the space.

Your bathroom renovation can also address outdated flooring, countertops, and other fixtures and features. Even a small and dull bathroom can go from unsightly to stunning with just a few simple upgrades. To schedule your FREE renovation design consultation, give us a call today.

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Why Choose Sarasota Shower Installations and Remodels

If your family is always fighting for shower time, transform a powder room into a full bath with a new shower installation for Sarasota homes. A shower installation offers all the space and style you need, for a very affordable price.

For homes with an outdated or downright ugly shower, call us about a shower remodel! A remodel can offer added style and built-in storage right where it’s needed. To get started, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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A shower installation in Sarasota offers space for bathing.
A tub installation in Sarasota is an excellent investment for a home.

You Need an Updated Tub Installation in Sarasota

A new tub installation in a Sarasota home improves the look of your bathtub instantly. New tubs are an excellent choice if your home has an old, dingy tub that’s scratched, rusted, or yellowed with age.

A tub installation can also add style to your home and create a luxurious spa you’ll love. Standalone tubs provide added room for soaking and stunning visual appeal. For your new tub price quote, give our bathroom remodeling company a call.

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Add Safety and Space With Tub to Shower Conversions in Sarasota

For homeowners with balance issues, joint pain, or other health concerns, consider a tub to shower conversion for Sarasota homes. Removing a tub for a walk-in shower is an excellent way to add safety in your home’s bathroom.

Tub to shower conversions also help open up cramped and crowded spaces, eliminating a bulky tub and creating a spacious shower area. If you’re considering a tub to shower conversion in your home, call the design team here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design.

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Tub to shower conversions in Sarasota open up a space.
Sarasota bath remodels add space and storage.

Work With Our Sarasota Bath Designers

Many homeowners know that their bathroom needs added storage and style, but aren’t sure where to begin! If you’re struggling to decide on renovation options, our bathroom design team can help.

When you call Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design, we work with you to create a stunning bathroom design that offers all the storage and function you need, at a price you can afford. To find out more, take a look at our informative blog. 

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Jacuzzi Bath Remodels

A jacuzzi bath is an excellent choice for soothing sore and tired muscles after a long day at the office, or after an especially challenging workout! Create a spa-like retreat in your home with a heated jacuzzi tub, whirlpool bath, or oversized soaking tub installed by the experienced pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design.

Walk In Tubs

For wheelchair users or those struggling with mobility issues, a walk-in tub means added safety in the bath. Walk-in tubs have a door on the tub wall, eliminating the need to step into the tub. Keep yourself safe in the bath and ensure security for aging loved ones with a walk-in tub installation from Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design.

Tile Installation & Replacement

New tile installation and replacement is an excellent choice for updating a bathroom’s style while protecting your home from water damage and mold! Chipped and damaged tile allows water to seep through to wall studs and other building materials, risking wood rot and mold growth. To browse our tile catalog, call our design crew right now!

Bathroom Countertops

New bathroom countertops for a Sarasota home update the look of your bathroom instantly, while providing a clean, hygienic surface in the space. Today’s stone countertops as well as quartz, limestone, resin, and glass are also more affordable than ever before! If your home’s bathroom needs new countertop materials, give us a call.

Bathroom Flooring

Outdated bathroom flooring risks damaged subflooring, and can be a tripping hazard! New tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring adds style to your home’s bathroom and can offer surfaces that are easier to clean. To find out more about today’s bathroom flooring options or for a FREE design quote, call Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design!

Bathroom Cabinets

Even the smallest bathroom space can provide accessible storage right where it’s needed with updated bathroom cabinets. Custom cabinets provide individualized storage, while a stylish wood tone or paint color can mean adding life to your bathroom space. For all the latest cabinetry designs, call Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design today.


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If you’re in the market for bathroom remodeling in our service areas of Sarasota, Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Nokomis, Osprey, Venice, Longboat Key, or any city in between, call the experienced pros here at Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design. 

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Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling & Design can take any bathroom from drab to fab, creating personalized storage and a beautiful appearance you’ll love at a price you can afford! Call us at (941) 213-5212
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